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ZYMOX Advanced Formula Otic Plus cat and dog ear solution provides relief from persistent, recurring ear irritation or infection.Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that are highly effective against bacterial, fungal and yeast ear infections, so it's an excellent alternative to antibiotics. Working to destroy the offending organisms, this solution combines the increased potency of the proven antimicrobial LP3 Enzyme System with an additional four biofilm-reducing enzymes. These added enzymes actually penetrate the layer of slime often found in the ear, so ear infections don't stand a chance. No cleaning of the ear is required so as not to disrupt the enzyme activity, and it's even safe enough for nursing pets and sensitive exotics.Key Benefits:Provides Soothing Relief From:Itchy earsSmelly earsSwimmers earEar infectionResistant biofilmsInflammationIrritationHighlights:Patented LP3 Enzyme SystemAdvanced formulationBiofilm-reducing complexFor dogs and cats of all agesVeterinarian-strengthNo-sting, non-toxic formulaGentle on pet's skin

Zymox Plus Advance Formula Otic Ear Solution w/o Hydrocortisone for Dogs & Cats

SKU: 1201af
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