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Emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments


Best suitable for a gentle skin and fur care.


Product description emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments:

• For daily skin and fur care

• Especially designed for pets



Put emmi-pet care ultrasonic attachments on the emmi-pet hand piece and add water. Put EICKEMEYER® Ultrasonic Gel on the to treated spot and hold the device on it.
The application can be repeated as often as desired until the wanted result has been reached. Please rinse the treated spot with water afterwards.



2 emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments


emmi-pet Care – For a gentle skin and fur care with 100% ultrasound.


emmi-pet Care P2 ultrasonic attachments – the logical expansion our innovative emmi-pet technology


Through years of research of positive ultrasonic experiences of our distributors we designed the emmi-pet Care P2 attachments for the outer treatment of animals. Together with the emmi-pet hand piece the emmi-pet Care P2 attachments work with 84 million air oscillations per minute.


We would like to share the experiences of our distribution partner Mrs. Sandra Lorenz. Mrs. Sandra Lorenz is a successful dog breeder at the Little Diamonds of the Paradise farm and has had awesome results with the emmi-pet Care P2 attachments and the ultrasonic gel with the treatment of her dogs.


•Mrs. Sandra Lorenz used the emmi-pet Care attachments successfully in cases of arthrosis. She also used them with a Chihuahua dog which was diseased with an Extreme-Stop. An Extreme-Stop causes breathing difficulties and nasal secrete cannot flow out which makes the dog seem sick constantly. The dog could not breathe properly and had oxygen poverty which caused attacks. Mrs. Lorenz reported that after the usage of the emmi-pet with the Care attachments in the region of the nasal canals and frontal sinuses, the secrete would flow out pain free within a few days. She recommends a continuous treatment.


•Mrs. Lorenz also gained experiences with the treatment of tonsil infections with the emmi-pet Care attachments. She reported us from a puppy which couldn’t swallow or eat anymore. The tonsils were significantly enlarged. She treated the dog multiples times a day and gave him globules + KS. The outer treatment was with the emmi-pet Care attachments and the ultrasonic gel. After the first treatment the puppy was nearly pain free. After 4 days the puppy did not show any further symptoms. Mrs. Lorenz continued the treatment for a week and explained that a tonsil infection is a tricky illness for puppies. If this illness is not noticed it can lead to a constant state of enlarged tonsils which can lead to the death of such small dogs.


• At the beginning of a galactostasia of a nursing dog Mrs. Lorenz used the emmi-pet Care attachments in regular intervals for five minutes each. The beginning galactostasia unblocked itself immediately. But Mrs. Sandra Lorenz also recommends to continue on with the treatment.


• In this case the dog had an ongoing mastitis. Mrs. Lorenz treated the dog every two hours with the emmi-pet Care P2 attachments for 10 minutes. Within a day the dog showed massive improvement of her condition and her fever sank. On the second day the fever was totally gone and the signs of infection or swelling were decreased. The dog was fine on the third day and no signs of infections were visible. It is recommended to continu e with the treatment so the painful mastitis does not return and the puppies can be nursed.


•The problem with ticks is often that their heads stays stuck inside the pet. Mrs. Lorenz reported that one head lead to an infection. She treated the region multiple times a day for one to two minutes with the emmi-pet Care attachments which lead to the result of no infections signs and no return of the infection.


Mrs. Lorenz conclusion

The emmi-pet Care P2 attachments work in combination with the ultrasonic gel as a wide range treatment which every dog owner should have. The ultrasound is transferred perfectly and will also reach through thick dog fur. I tested both product and am 100% convinced and amazed by it.

Dogs with long fur it is recommended to parten the hair before treatment to reach the region properly and have an better effect.

An important tip for my experiences is that the treatment should be continued even after improvement of the situation to avoid a back lash. This was my mistake at the beginning.


Information for all dog owners


Dog skin has a higher pH than human skin: Human skin has a acidic pH from 4,1 to 5,8. The pH from dog skin is 7 or even a bit higher. For this reason dog skin needs a special care.

Emmi-pet Care P2 Ultrasonic Attachments

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