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Our supplements help you nurture a healthy, happy dog for your lives together



Together we keep the dog you love on the move


Whether the dog you love is happiest walking by your side, running up ahead, or cuddling in for kisses we believe all dogs should move pain-free.

With maxxiflex+ build a joint-healthy lifestyle for your dog and help your dog move easier.



All the best joint ingredients for dogs


Uncompromised quality in every bottle


Vital part of a joint-healthy lifestyle



Visible health begins on the inside


However, there can be a lot of obstacles to a healthy coat. A minor irritant or allergy can cause your dog to itch, loose glossiness and coat thickness, or even worse, experience skin blemishes and soreness. 


Our maxxiomega is designed for dogs of all ages, supporting the proper balance of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants from the inside so their health shines through.



The benefits are more than skin deep


Dogs love the taste, owners love the results


No fishy breath or smell



Balance your dog’s behavior from the inside


As dog owners, we know which situations upset our dogs. For some it’s being left alone, for others it’s trips to the vet, thunderstorms, or unexpected visitors.


Whether it’s part of their nature or an understandable reaction to difficult life circumstances, such as rescue dogs that were previously abused, maxxicalm can be an integral part of helping you create more balanced behavior in your dog.



Helps anxious and nervous dogs relax during stressful situations


Integral part of a behavior modification program to create balance


Relaxation without drowsiness



Supports your dog where and when they need it most


As pets grow older, they can face many of the same age-related health conditions as humans. Our unique stabilized SAM-e powder boosts liver and cognitive functions while easing joint discomfort and improves mood at the same time.


While maxxiSAMe is hard at work within your beloved pet’s liver and brain, expect marked improvements in attitude, energy, and the behavior of your dog.



Proven support for liver and cognitive functions while easing joint discomfort



Boosted with additional valuable antioxidants and vitamins



Easy administration, can be given with food



Because healthier gut means healthier dog


When the digestive tract becomes unbalanced, whether from stress, illness, improper diet, medication or surgery it can be a long path back to finding balance and proper function.


With maxxidigest+, our advanced therapeutic formula supports recovery for both digestive health and immune support, so that your dog can be back to tip top shape quickly and easily.



Designed specifically for the unique digestive tracts of dogs



Combines pre- and probiotics with antioxidants in one supplement



Safe to give alongside other medications, including antibiotics



Caring for your dog’s vital needs


We have all been there, stopping every few minutes and waiting patiently while our dog goes on with the important business of “pee-mailing”. Sometimes we get impatient, but never did we imagine that the day might come that we would miss this ritual.


A urinary tract infection (UTI) makes urination painful for our dogs and you want to do everything you can to prevent your dog getting it. maxxiUtract can help you with exactly that.



Specifically designed to care for your dog’s urinary, kidney and bladder health



Naturally nurtures and cares for the whole of your dog’s urinary system 



Can help to prevent painful urinary tract infection, UTI recurrence and aid recovery



Together we care for your dog’s heart


Our dogs’ love is irreplaceable and so are their hearts. It is therefore vital that we care well for both.


Our maxxicardio is specifically designed with your beloved dog’s heart in mind. The carefully selected ingredients nurture his heart and circulatory system.

This helps to protect your dog’s cardiovascular health and improve his quality of life.



Designed specifically with canine heart health in mind



Vital part of a good cardiovascular health care plan for dogs



Healthier heart improves quality of life and life expectancy