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"HOCL Dental and oral disinfection 75ml"


The emmi®-pet Dental and oral disinfection is the means of choice for fighting bacteria and viruses. It is effective against unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses.




Solution for dental and oral disinfection. Reduces viruses & bacteria. Effective against odours caused by bacteria. The Spray emmi®-pet Dental and oral disinfection spray onto the teeth or into the mouth of the animal. Repeat the application several times a day. Can be used on all mammals of all ages.



  • - Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • - Painless application
  • - Free from antibiotics
  • - Without alcohol
  • - Very well tolerated by the skin
  • - pH neutral
  • - Without colorants and fragrances
  • - No known resistances or contraindications




Take advantage of the blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect of ultrasound and optimize the synergy potential with our emmi®-pet in combination with our emmi®-pet Dental and oral disinfectionspray for cleaning and disinfection of the dental area.

emmi®-pet HOCL Dental and oral disinfection 75ml

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