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Our pets can suffer the irritation and discomfort of skin complaints, just like we can. Sore skin, cuts, wounds, hot spots, eczema, pyodermas and itchy allergy skin can affect their faces, body, paws and skin folds. Unable to tell us how they’re feeling, they lick, pick and bite at inflamed skin, potentially making it worse.


Our furry friends are also at risk of skin problems caused by germs, fungi and yeast, which can cause just as much irritation and upset, leaving our pets feeling unlike their happy selves.


We developed ZYMOX Topical Cream without Hydrocortisone to help manage itchy allergy skin and other skin conditions that are common in pets.


Our skin cream for dogs and cats is so effective due to our patented LP3 Enzyme System. Each enzyme has its own unique property, but the combination of enzymes works together to provide a powerful punch to your pet’s skin problems. We’ve added no alcohol or harsh chemical ingredients, so it’s completely safe if your pet licks themselves after application.


Recommended for use on:


  • Hot spots
  • Wet eczema
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Dermatitis
  • Body fold pyodermas


The ZYMOX patented LP3 Enzyme System is a broad spectrum alternative to conventional pet medication. It provides soothing relief from irritated skin caused by common germs, fungi and yeasts.


Enzymes are naturally-occurring proteins and our patented enzyme system helps to kill the microorganisms that cause skin infections and irritation, without harming healthy skin cells or the risk of microbial resistance.


The enzymes in ZYMOX Topical Cream combine with biological material in the skin to gently soothe raw skin and provide natural protection.

Zymox Topical Cream Hydrocortisone Free for Dogs & Cats (1oz)

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    • Provides gentle, soothing relief from skin irritations like itchy skin, hot spots, dermatitis & more
    • Soothing ointment helps manage painful skin issues without using harsh chemicals or alcohols
    • No-sting lotion means no pre-cleaning is required, making applications less painful
    • Made with gentle ingredients that are safe if licked after application; for dogs & cats of all ages
    • Veterinarian strength pet formula is ideal for skin irritations to the face, paws & body folds
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