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Viva leads are a joy to use and are both stylish and comfortable.


Each lead has a super soft grip which feels great in the hand and an easy to use one button brake mechanism. Viva offer a tape lead that measures 5 metres, the tape lead is lightweight but strong and has been tested to perform at much higher loads than recommended.


Viva leads are a joy to use, with a super soft grip as standard which feels great in the hand. The outer casing is manufactured using tough nylon which outperforms cheaper polypropylene cases.


Viva leads have only one button, making it very easy to use and reduces the amount of components that could fail. All you have to do is simply push down and forward to apply the brake and push down and back to release


All the leads on this advert are tape lead which are stronger than the standard cord lead.


With the classic design and multiple choice of colours.


Choosing a lead:

  • When choosing your lead you need to consider the size of your dog.
  • All the sizes and weights are given below as a guide for which lead is for you.
  • You should select a size that is well above your dogs actual weight especially if they are boisterous.



Small – 20kg / 44lbs max.
Medium – 30kg / 66lbs max.
Large – 50kg / 110lbs max.


Cord lead lengths:

Small, Medium & Large versions are all 5m long


You can select from Black, Red, Blue, Raspberry or Teal to suit your style.


All items come in full retail packaging to assure they are an original and authentic item.

Ancol Viva Retractable/Extendable Dog Lead

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