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  • REDUCES PULL: Gently tightens around barrel only. No tightening around neck. Utilizes a dog's own pressure against leash to encourage dog to slow their pace. USE WITH KINDNESS. DO NOT JERK, YANK OR CORRECT YOUR DOG. VERY IMPORTANT TO PROPERLY FIT. MUST ALIGN BLACK STOPS WITH FRONT LEG TO PREVENT TIGHTENING ON NECK.


  • ESCAPE RESISTANT: USE AS WALKING TOOL ONLY. DO NOT USE TO TIE DOG OUT DUE TO TIGHTENING ASPECT OF HARNESS. IT IS NOT CHEW PROOF.If dog attempts to back out of this harness, leash will tighten like a slip lead. Must be used according to directions.


  • ADJUSTS TO ANY SIZE OR BODY TYPE: Align the movable black stops to line up with front leg and it will fit any body perfectly.


  • SIZES: Small/Medium 14 lbs to 40; Medium/Large 40 lbs to 170 lbs




  • Made of double braided polyester, tensile strength 3,000 lbs.


  • Easy to use! Instructions printed on the INSIDE of the packaging.





Small/Medium best for 14 lbs to 40 lbs (2 ft shorter than the M/L)

*can scale down as small as 10 lbs, but functions best on 14 lbs and up

* APPROXIMATE Lead length from back to handle: 

14 to 20 lb dog is 6 ft; 20 to 30 lb dog 5 ft; 30 to 40 lb dog 4 ft.

*S/M can go up to 100 lb dog but length will be under 4 ft.

*3/8 diameter thickness


Medium/Large best for 40 lbs to 170 lbs (2 ft longer than the S/M)

*M/L will fit smaller 40lbs, but length will be over 6 ft

*APPROXIMATELeash length from back to handle: 

40 to 60 lb lb dog is 6 ft; 60 to 90 dog lb 5 ft; 100 to 120 lb dog 4ft; 130 to 170 dog 3 ft.

​*7/16 diameter thickness

Harness Lead Pink

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