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Remove Tartar

Remove tartar as a health need

Remove Tartar

Unfortunately, the pleasant pet life of our dogs also causes inconvenience such as calculus formation. Because it involves health risks, it is absolutely necessary to remove tartar regularly.

How does the health endangering tartar develop?


The basic problem is bacteria that settle in food remnants. Together with salivary components and mucous membrane cells, it forms the so-called plaque as a basis for tartar. Mineral salts from the saliva accumulate therefore causing the coating to harden over time. Removing tartar must be a preventive measure in dogs, because the extremely hard deposits can later only be removed under general anesthesia.

Which dogs are at risk?


Especially the small breeds with the short snouts represent a special risk group. As these dogs increasingly pant, the teeth are no longer sufficiently cleansed by reduced salivation. In addition, these jaws are often jaw misaligned. There is no self cleaning effect anymore. So you should remove tartar regularly.

Prevent health risks with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush


Tartar is an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums if you do not remove the calculus. It can even lead to gum decline, which in the worst case leads to the loss of teeth. It's best to avoid tartar by regularly cleaning the teeth with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic dog toothbrush. This promises a gentle and effective dental care for your dog, so that periodontitis, mouth odor or chronic buccal disease are specifically prevented. The patented technology also prevents gingivitis. Discover now the advantages of an ultrasonic tooth cleaning for your four-legged friend and order the emmi®-pet Basic Set with ultrasonic toothbrush, toothpaste and charging station.

Tartar control with ultrasound


The most gentle and at the same time deeply effective brushing method for the dog is the ultrasonic toothbrush, which looks like an electric toothbrush, but is completely silent and tolerated even by sensitive animals. Without mechanical brushing, you simply hold this toothbrush to your dogs teeth and this can help to remove tartar from the dog by applying ultrasound. At the same time, it avoids the dangerous periodontitis. Emmi®-pet offers you an innovative and animal-friendly ultrasound technology, which specifically promotes the oral hygiene of your animal and prevents tartar as well.

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