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Dog Dental Care
Tips for Healthy Dog Teeth

Dental problems are very common to animals. Even attentive pet owners often miss the fact that the dog or the cat suffers from painful diseases of the teeth. Even dogs are often affected by tartar and painful gingivitis. Animals cannot communicate when they are plagued by severe toothache. Therefore preventative care is a must.

The dental care of the dog should be as important to you as your own. In this article you will find products for canine care, how to give your four-legged friend a thorough dental care and how ultrasound benefits the dental health of animals.









Why is dental care so important for dogs?


Dogs have an impressive set of teeth, which is equally suitable for grasping and holding as well as for tearing and cutting individual pieces of meat. For this reason, the set of teeth of the dog is vital to survival. Even if the domesticated dog is no longer in need for hunting for food. However, veterinarians point out that 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three require dental or gum treatment. The diagnosis here is tartar, gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. A scheduled dental care is the best to keep dog teeth healthy. It is important to start with an animal-friendly care before the dog suffers from dental problems. Preferable as a puppy.

What causes tartar and gingivitis on dog teeth?


Dental problems for dogs and humans are similar. Plaque can form on the teeth. After food intake, food remains in the mouth of the dogs, providing an optimal breeding ground for harmful bacteria. If this plaque is not removed by a comprehensive canine dental care, the plaque solidifies gradually by the interaction with individual salivary constituents to tartar. Painful gingivitis and periodontitis can develop as a result. If the dog smells unpleasantly from the mouth or denies the food, the causes are usually to be found in dental diseases. Once tartar has formed in the dog, it can only be removed by a veterinarian and anesthesia will be necessary for it.

Special products for canine care


The best prevention against tartar, gingivitis and dog periodontitis is thorough dental care. As a pet owner, you can choose between toothbrushing, toothpaste, chewing sticks or special feed mixes, and numerous products for canine care.

Brushing teeth: Toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs


Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste is the best way to prevent tooth problems. Same for dogs. By brushing regularly, the plaque is removed, which would otherwise solidify to tartar without adequate dental care. For cleaning, however you should only use products that are intended for canine care.


Dog Toothbrushes are equipped with extra soft brushes to minimize the risk of injury to the gums. In addition, the brushes are matched in shape to the dog's teeth. You can choose between models with handles and those that you can slip over your fingers. Toothpaste for dogs contains no ingredients harmful to animals and is also based on the taste animals really like. However, most pets don’t like getting their teeth brushed. Especially older dogs, who haven't experienced tooth brushing before, often refuse to let their owners do this. The early training  from puppy stage will create good habits for routine cleaning.

Chinese Shar Pei
Special food and chewing sticks for dental care for dogs


By feeding high-quality food you can also contribute to the health of your four legged friend. If you feed your pet high-quality food, it has plenty of opportunities for chewing. This supports the natural tooth attrition of the dogs and strengthens the teeth. Almost all animal feed brands also have special food for dogs, which should promote the ideal dental health of pets. In addition  you can support the dog's dental care with special chewing sticks, which provide a mechanical cleaning effect on the teeth. However, such chewing articles are dog food supplements that you should not disregard when calculating your daily feed requirements.

Dental toy for dog teeth


As an alternative to toothbrushes and toothpaste, special toys are also available that are qualified for dog canine care due to their special shape. Some products are even combinable with toothpaste and clean the teeth while playing. In addition to high quality, the toy should match both the age and the size of the respective dog.

Ultrasound for dog teeth care


With the emmi®-pet is now also the first ultrasonic toothbrush for animals available, which cleans the teeth of dogs thoroughly and motionless. Because the electric toothbrush works completely noiselessly, the toothbrush is also suitable for dogs refusing to care for teeth with a conventional model. Sonic tooth cleaning helps to effectively prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and calculus, mouth odor and tooth loss.

Dog dentistry from the beginning


For healthy dog teeth you should start with prevented dental care already at puppy age, so the animal is used to the procedure from the beginning. Reward the desired behavior with treats and affection. In this way, you lay the foundation for healthy dog teeth and save your beloved pet possibly a lengthy treatment at the vet. The regular scheduled visit at the vet is also a necessary and important part of the care routine to detect possible dental problems early and treat them if necessary.

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